Sunday, March 9, 2008

Kemah Boardwalk

We spent yesterday afternoon at the Kemah Boardwalk. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed taking it easy, relaxing and being together. The boardwalk has really been built up since we last visited, several years ago. There are a few new rides. Each ride costs, a bit overpriced in my thinking, but you can purchase an all day wristband to ride over and over again.

We got there around noon and the boardwalk was not too crowded yet. We purchased our writstbands and went to ride a few rides. We rode my daughter's old favorite, Pharaoh's Fury, a giant swing, first. Then we headed over to the new roller coaster, The Bullet. We all enjoyed our first ride on this wooden roller coaster. It is fast and it is rough. Our next ride was even faster and by our third ride we were so beat up we were done!

We enjoyed strolling the board walk, enjoying the sights and sounds. We came upon a Hannah Montana look alike contest, complete with a Robin Williams look alike MC.

We strolled through shops, my son won a basketball, and we simply enjoyed being together.

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