Sunday, August 24, 2008

family tree

Have you ever made a family tree with your kids? Sometimes it's hard for kids to keep all their family members straight. But seeing it drawn out can really help, and can help kids connect to their roots, their heritage. Adding pictures of family members can help kids keep it all straight in their minds.

You can start with a simple line drawing, or make a drawing like a tree. You can make a chart on the computer. Whatever appeals to you and your kids is the best way to approach it. Kids knowing they belong and where they belong adds great security to their sense of family.

Even if yours is a blended family, it can be fun to draw out a family tree showing just how your family fits together. Tracing back and drawing out a family tree is fun, informative, educational and may even turn into a new hobby for some!

Monday, August 18, 2008

praparing for a sibling

Other ways that I have found to help prepare a child for a sibling include talking and reading about the upcoming addition of a sibling. Of course a young child has no real concept of what is about to happen, but talking about it and reading stories about it can help to make the adjustments easier. Helping to pick out nursery items, clothes and toys can make big brother/big sister feel included in the process. It is fun to hear his/her ideas for baby names too! Our friends' three year old wanted to name his brother "Sky Train"! Building these bonds in preparation for a new addition to your family can help to strengthen bonds and prepare the older child for the changes ahead.

shopping for maternity clothes?

If you are welcoming a new little one to your family, it is sometimes hard to get the big brother/sister excited and prepared for the new addition. Not to mention that you have no time to take a youngster and go out shopping for maternity clothes! But if you could do your shopping online and have your older child help you pick out some of your new "mommy wear" it could make maternity shopping easier on you and a great way to spend time getting your older child involved. This seems to be the perfect way to grab clothes you will need for the next few months. And even better, there are prices starting at just $9.99 with free shipping for orders over $75 using the coupon code: freeship!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

We have been blessed to have good neighbors. There are many people from our church who live in our subdivision. The kids know they can call them if they ever need anything.

Our closest neighbors in proximity have always been here for us if we need anything. And they have all been good to our kids. We always wave and speak to our neighbors. And there is a party in our neighborhood nearly every weekend.

I heard on the radio last week that building bonds in your neighborhood is good for kids. It is supposed to help kids feel more secure and more connected. A great family activity can include your neighbors and/or neighborhood.

Street or driveway parties, just letting the kids play, and lots of snacks and drinks are always good, easy and enjoyable. Some folks like to have pool and/or deck parties. Cook outs are great ways to build bonds with neighbors as well.

Finding ways to connect with neighbors can be a great way to build your own family.

Friday, August 8, 2008

the Olympics

Watching the Olympics together as a family can be a lot of fun. Rooting together for your "home team" and seeing athletes excel in their sport can bring the fun right into your family room. Learning about the country where the games are hosted can be interesting and educational as well. So if your family is ready to "go for the gold" then today is the day that "the games begin."