Tuesday, March 18, 2008

the family that blogs together...

I started blogging about a year and a half ago. My sister got my dad and me involved in it. Now we all try to make some money with our blogs. I have saved enough that we hope to take a nice family vacation this summer.

Seeing me make money with my blog piqued my kids' interest in having blogs of their own. I had originally gotten my son into blogging at a now defunct site. He enjoyed it a bit, but was not too much into making consistent posts. Last year, I sent up blogs for each of them and had them post assignments on there regularly. Over the summer, the blogs fell into blahdom. But as PayPerPost recently announced that they will begin accepting blogs as young as 30 days old, my kids got interested again. (And they also each had an ad offer on their blogs!)

So they have begun posting a little more frequently now. In fact, my son wrote a really good post for one of my blogs tonight . I think blogging together is a good way to interact, and to help kids hone certain writing and computer skills at the same time.

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