Monday, May 24, 2010

Apple Store

If you have a local retail Apple Store, this is a fun way for families with older kids to spend some time together. You may even learn a few things! At the Apple store, they will let you "play" with computers and programs to get an idea of the things they offer and how they work. This is in hopes you will eventually buy their products. They do even offer free workshops including changing over to Mac products. Again, this is a great way for families to share and learn together.

Monday, May 17, 2010

kids' choice

No matter the age of the kids in your family, it's good to often allow family night to be "kid's choice". Whether that means they choose the restaurant you eat at or the menu you have at home, or if you allow them the choice of activities for the night, things will always be more enjoyable if the kids feel as if they have some choice in what goes on at family night.

Monday, May 10, 2010

nursing home visit

While spending time as a family we have discovered that one of the most important things we do each week is visit an elderly lady in the nursing home. She is a member of our church and has recently moved into the facility. She is often confused by the days and feels rather lonely. She is glad to see us when we come on Sundays. It helps her remember which day it is. We also read to her from the bible and bring along communion for her to partake. She is very happy for these small things. And we are very blessed to help in such a small way. This has been such a blessing to our family and valuable in letting our kids see us practice what we preach and teach them to help others. They also can see how important it is to the lady that we visit. This has been a valuable way to spend some of our family time together.

Monday, May 3, 2010

fund raiser

My son found out about a fund raiser for a friend of ours in need. It was at a local pizza place so we spread the word and headed there after church. My son was thrilled to see several friends and even their families stop by for pizza and sodas in an effort to raise funds for the boy in need. One girl was even raffling a date with her at the pizza parlor! There were shirts for sale too. The kids bought them up as well. Donating together as a family is a perfect way to spend family time together. Enjoy the food, the fun, and the idea of giving to help those in need!