Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Family hikes together do not have to be some big expedition. My nephews and I have had a good time hiking each weekend at local parks and even a field out near our house. Some of our parks have trails which give it a feel of a "hike" more but even walking out in the field took a good long time. Just find somewhere to explore together and take a hike!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

On the Sunny Side

The article written by Victor Flowers

Our weather over the last week has been positively dreadful! Although its winter and I fully expect that the sun won’t shine every day this time of year, a whole week of rain and no sunshine has been depressing. Thank goodness for Dish Network! At least I have something to keep me entertained on these days when it is too nasty to go outside or get in the car and go anywhere. Any time I want something to watch, all I have to do is check the channel guide and find something exciting. Lately I’ve been watching the travel channel. They’ve been running a series on exotic sunny locations and boy has it made my days! I figure if I can’t see the sunshine through my windows at least I can see it through my television. Yesterday’s episode was about Jamaica. What I wouldn’t give for a trip there this time of year. Gorgeous sandy beaches, warm blue water, and a full service resort at my disposal is just what this time of year ordered!

Friday, January 6, 2012

family dinners

I have read time and again how important it is to have regular family dinners together. Meals where everyone is present and seated together. These meals may not actually be dinner and they may not be every day. But making them a regular part of the family routine is healthy for everyone. There are many reasons why, and you can read them in many sources. But sometimes it is hard to make family meals work. Some good ideas can be to have two or three times a week set aside for family meals, no interruptions. Having a meal together for breakfast can achieve the same goal. Or even when worse comes to worse, eating together out or even in the car on the way to the next event, or at the next event at least stopping for a few minutes to sit together and share a meal, time and conversation is a perfect family bond-building activity.