Saturday, March 1, 2008

all work and no play...

Today was supposed to be spent helping a family move into an apartment. That fell through, so we had a "free" day. The kids were thrilled...til Dad came up with project after project of work that needed to be done around the

we have dedicated next Saturday to a day of PLAY! We plan to go just spend some time (and blow some money!) at a local amusement area. The kids are looking forward to it already!

I read an article today that mentioned a study done years ago by Gary Smalley. In it he was looking for what held a family together and kept them close as the kids grew into adulthood. He got many answers from the families interviewed, church attendance, service projects, but the one answer that was found on every list was...camping! His point was not to advocate that every family should start camping on a regular basis, but that they should find an activity that they can all enjoy together and do it regularly. All work may help keep a family functioning day to day, but the key to really keeping a family functioning happily it seems is the ability to play together as well.

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