Tuesday, March 19, 2013

beach clean up

 Next month our store is sending some volunteers to help with an area beach clean up. We will be given gloves and trash buckets to help dispose of debris. We also have to record any debris. Some locales provide lunch after the clean up. This can be a great way for the family to help make the beaches a better place for all to enjoy.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Be Happy

This weekend marks the kickoff at our church for a new program called The Search for Happiness. We are having a big day of family fun tomorrow March 2 with lots of activities from frisbee golf to computer safety, basketball skills to teen culture awareness, a forty-two tournament to youth story time. Sounds like there will be something for all ages. Then we will be having a guest speaker from Sunday to Wednesday helping us find where true happiness comes from. It seems that happiness is a fad of sorts right now; I've seen a documentary and several articles pointing to finding happiness. Hopefully this next week will shed some light on finding that source of true happiness....