Monday, April 30, 2007


You may not think that camping is worth it for just one night. Last year for my daughter's birthday, we did camp out for just one night. It turned out to be fine. We rented a screened shelter at a state park. We ate simple foods like frito pie and sandwiches, and yes of course, s'mores. It is fairly affordable if you camp this way and less work than setting up a tent. You can then enjoy the park for the better part of the day. Nature trails, hiking, cycling, boating, fishing, star gazing at night. Whatever way you can find to spend time relaxing with your family is going to make it a great campout! (And don't forget the s'mores!)


Families with older children in the teen years or just entering their teen years, may find family night a good time to sit down with these young adults and talk about dating.

If your children have not started dating yet, it is the perfect time to share with your child, and allow your child to share with you, just what the expectations and anticipations are. You can use this time to share your values and desires for your child. Your child can let you in on what s/he is looking forward to in dating.

If your child has already begun dating, it is still good to keep the lines of communication open in this area. One area very important to consider with today's teens is the area of online dating services. Most of us did not grow up with that as a concern. But in today's world, it is a common scene.

Be sure and let your children know what you expect of them and the advantages and disadvantages of meeting potential dates in various places, including internet sites. This could be an important way to share family night with your kids.

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Nature Walk

Taking a nature walk as a family is a wonderful outdoor activity. Doing a walk in the evening allows everyone to hike a little easier, as the air is cooler. With the late spring sunlight lasting a little longer, this makes a great family activity.

You may not think you have any hiking or nature trails in your area, but check for local, state and nearby national parks. They usually have some type of hiking or nature trail. If you cannot find a nature trail, try to find a park or some public place you can take a walk. This can be by a stream, or ditch, beach, a path or any other natural surrounding. Just be sure you are not trespassing.

Focus on the natural surroundings around you. Feel the breeze, the temperature differences in the light and shadows, look and listen for animals. Notice the different types of plants.

Nature walks are a geat way for families with children of all ages to spend time together.


Paint Ball can be a great family night activity. Although I have never played paintball, I know that my family would love it. My husband has taken some kids from church, and they do get into it! They wear their camouflage clothing and really use all the tactics they can muster to sneak up on each other. It sounds like a game that families with older children and teens could really have a great time playing together.

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Saturday, April 21, 2007


Hearts is a card game for families with older children. It involves playing to catch tricks, but to catch no hearts or the queen of spades. The variation that makes this game even more tricky, is that if you can catch ALL of the hearts AND the queen of spades, you win that hand. In this game you are trying to avoid points. In hands where one player catches all the heart as well as the queen of spades, everyone else gets points and s/he gets none.

You can find rules to Hearts online .

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Free Ice Cream At Ben and Jerry's

Tonight is Ben & Jerry's night! Today, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Stores are offering a single serve of their ice cream for free. They will happily accept donations of course! Nothing better for a family night treat than ice cream, and free cones make it all the more sweet! Maybe we'll see you there!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Merry Widow

Merry Widow is a variation on spades, played with three people. This game is ideal for families with three people or when other family members are gone. In this game you deal out four hands, the first hand being the widow's partner's hand. This hand is untouched to begin with. The player to the right of the dealer has first choice to either keep the hand s/he was dealt, or trade it for the open hand. Each player gets the chance to do this regardless if the hand has already been traded. Scoring is also done a little differently than traditional spades. You must catch three tricks to break even. Other than that, play proceeds as in a regular game of spades.

Monday, April 9, 2007


We taught our youngest to play spades this past year. It is a good card game, but does require four people to play. There are many variations on this game, though many people play some variation of this card game. Rules can be found online . It is good for families with older children, who can listen to the rules, which can be a little confusing when first learning. It does take some patience while the kids are learning, but it's a great way to spend a family night. When traveling it's easy to strike up a game anytime you have to wait. And when the kids go off to college, it's a great card game to get up with friends, often a little more safe than those college poker games!

Thursday, April 5, 2007


Uno is a great all around family card game. It is available at almost any store. It is simple to learn and play. Many people can play this game, so it is suitable for small, medium or large families.

The directions are enclosed in the box. You simply follow the number or color or word directions on the cards. Even the youngest members of the family can play with a bit of help.

This game does allow for many variations on the basic game. This can add more fun and allows the game to never get boring. Be prepared when playing with other people, that they may or may not follow the traditional rules or may use one of the variations.

Uno is a great family night card game.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Go Fish

Go Fish is one of the first card games we taught our kids. If your kids are still small, this is a great first card game to play together. The rules are fairly simple and it helps them learn the concepts of pairs and like groups.

Deal everyone seven cards. Each player takes a turn asking any other player for a card that matches any card in his/her hand. If you get the requested card, you get to keep asking, either for that card or any other that matches something in the hand. Once you do not get the requested card the person from whom you requested it says "go fish". The requester then draws one card from the stack of cards left in the middle. If he/she draws the requested card, the turn continues. If not, then the next player follows the same pattern.

Once you get all four of a like card (all four 5's, or all four Kings) you have completed a book. As there are no more cards in this book, you then lay all four down together. Once all cards have been played out, count up your books. The player with the most books wins.