Sunday, April 29, 2012

yard work

Spending time working together in the yard is good for everyone in the family. Mom and dad get a little help and kids learn skills, that they are needed and a part of the family, and that one must work to get by in life. It can be a fun time too. Working together in the yard can provide nice outside time together with everyone in a win-win situation.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


I have been taking my nephews hiking nearly every weekend for the past few months. We have gone to several different places. There have been easy walks to longer and harder jaunts. We have been to wooded areas as well as urban locales. Our favorites have been some paths through the woods in local parks. Last weekend we even went to the highest bridge in our area and "hiked" over it. These hikes have been good for our physical, mental and relational health.

family safety

Family safety is of vital importance to every family, especially as kids come along. I know our neighbors had a recent scare with an incident while they were not home. Fortunately another neighbor saw the incident and intervened. After this happened the neighbor whose home the incident took place had to have a family safety meeting to go over safety measures and to decide what Total Alarm Systems they were going to utilize at their house. Since then I have heard about the system they got and have seen the husband installing his new alarm system. I hope this will help keep the family safe for a long time.