Thursday, June 2, 2011

art museum

As the kids get older, it is harder and harder to find affordable things that we can all agree on for family activities. One thing I have in mind to do this summer is to take my son and his girlfriend to a free art museum. I have been there a couple of years ago and found it to be small enough to enjoy with lots of diverse exhibits. I am hoping it will be a great family outing for a family with older children.

movie night

With teenagers in the house, nearly every family night consists of movie night. It's just something we can all agree on! I guess that guest blogger Antone Medina might have the same idea. Here is what Antone has to say about movie watching:

Cinamatic Legends in the Making

Thanks for the article from Antone Medina

The recent purchase from a local provider has enabled the viewing of many favorite movies, both classic and newer releases. Being partial to the talents of Brad Pitt , finding many of his starring roles at the press of a button is sheer delight.

Mr. Pitt has the ability to become one with his character is nothing less than phenomenal, while in the same instance retaining his unique methodology that reaches through the silver screen.

One particular favorite is the role Mr. Pitt portrays in a story of three brothers and the woman that became a part of their lives. Taking place during the early 1900's the brothers Tristan, Samuel, and Alfred Ludlow faced the issues of combating nature, war, and the rivalries of family. Susannah Fincannon, the lovely woman who was betrothed to the younger brother Samuel, became a central character during the film.

Although Mr. Pitt's resume of film credits is lengthy, the film described above has been viewed numerous times, and with each moment spent in the company of the Ludlow family causes a bitter-sweet emotion.