Sunday, October 7, 2007

Weighty Issues

It seems as if everywhere we look these days, we will find talk of obesity and weight control. I think it is important to broach this subject with our children, whether they appear to have a weight problem or not. Because it is an issue that we are all constantly bombarded with, it is wise to discuss the healthy ways to take care of weight with our kids. Of course, a healthy lifestyle is the best way to prevent obesity. For those who do need some help with their weight problem, it is a good idea to share with our children, especially as they reach those middle and teen years, all the methods folks use to control their weight-from bulimia to obesity surgery. We can then be the ones to share the healthy ways to approach this issue instead of letting the media have the last say on such a topic.

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Iron-Man said...

If you are involved in the life of your children, then you can give them the best options and discuss things with them.

The media should never be the last word!!

silken said...

Thanks for stopping in iron-man. I agree, the media is trying to get in the last word, but it is such an unhealthy way of thinking. being involved with our kids every day opens doors for discussions of every kind.

appreciate your thoughts here.