Monday, October 1, 2007

Joe Scruggs

Even though my kids are big, my family is looking forward to re-living the past next month. On November 8, we will head to a neighboring town to hear Joe Scruggs in concert. We saw him about ten years ago. He is a wonderful singer of children's songs and we loved his music for a long time (still do!) My big kids are willing to go in order to introduce their cousins to Joe's music. We have ten tickets and are planning on having a great time, though I know my kids will likely be the only teens in the house!


hifidel said...

I love Scruggs too -- funny stuff! I didn't hear of him till I was a teen, and listened with my younger sister. I loved him even when I was supposed to be too cool too.

I've tagged you, when you get a chance to participate.

silken said...

yep, I know what ya mean! at least I could relive it all w/ my kids! he has a fun way of reaching the kids and remembering what it was like to be a kid...

yes, hopefully this weekend I can respond to the tag! thanks