Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Renaissance Festival

The Texas Renaissance Festival season is upon us again. Each fall you can travel back to the Middle Ages and experience what life was like in the days of castles, knights and ladies. And for two weekdays each year, the festival is open for School Days. This is a wonderful learning experience for the kids, without all the more raucous behavior seen on the weekends. The festival is geared toward the kids and is filled with the sights and sounds of Medieval Times.

We attended yesterday for a wonderful day of jousting, sword play and merriment all straight out of the middle ages. As soon as we walked in the gate, we were met by the Sheriff of Nottingham. My nephew had on a FBI sweater and the Sheriff asked him if he would come help him with a "little problem" he was having-as he discreetly pointed out Robin Hood and his Merry men.

Top on our list were attending sword school and the jousting tournament. Both of these were highlights on all of our lists. As we went along we got to see artillery demonstrations, meet the court jester, talk with knights and visit the executioners block. One of our group even met William Shakespeare, who did some time traveling to be at the Ren Fair during King Henry VIII's heyday.

My nephews drew much attention from the folks from the middle ages dressed in their knight costumes . Many asked them how the Crusades were going. My youngest nephew was dressed in the same colors as the Spanish knight (who was defeated in the jousting tournament by the English knight.)

As the actors are all adept at staying in character, we had a great day learning about the Medieval Times just by "living" them for the day. We all left with wonderful memories of our day traveling back to the Middle Ages.

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