Monday, June 4, 2007

Star Gazing

A few years ago, my son was into star gazing. We even got him a small powered telescope. He would often take it out to look at the moon, stars or planets. Once, there was a star gazing party at a local park. It was sponsered by the NASA astronomy club, but open to everyone. This was during the time when Mars was so close to the Earth. Folks of all sorts brought out their telescopes to let anyone and everyone get a look at the Red Planet (which looked yellow that night). It was so awesome. There were people there with homemade telescopes, super large telescopes, and some like us with small, cheap telescopes. But my son was so proud when a few folks would come by and look through his scope, as if he were as important as the next guy.

If your family is looking for a way to search the stars and fascinate in the wonders above us, now is a great time. With Father's Day fast approaching, a telescope is one of the best, and most unique gift ideas. Dad may really love this much more than another tie, and it will be the perfect way to spend more family time together throughout those lovely summer evenings.

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