Monday, June 4, 2007

making summer plans

Making summer plans together as a family can be an important tool for keeping the family together. Kids often have ideas that they would love to see the family do together. This includes all ages of kids-from pre-schoolers to teens. And seeing the family act upon his/her suggestion is likely to make the day more enjoyable with the kids, especially the teenager. If s/he feels like her suggestion was worthwhile, and sees everyone enjoy their time together, you will likely have a happier, easier-to-get-along with teen, at least for this outing.

When planning for summer activities, often times it may be required to stay overnight in a hotel. Whether the plans include visiting relatives, sight-seeing or just visiting an amusement park, there will surely need to be some accomodations along the way.

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So grab your family and start brainstorming your summer plans. And be sure to check out the website for all your travel accomodations!

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