Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Grapes of Spain

One of the parlor games my husband likes to pull, er, play with people is "The Grapes of Spain". All you need is a broom, or some other prop, and a group of people of various ages.

Sit the people around the room, a circle works well. Hold the broom. You can make whatever actions you want with the broom, the more elaborate, the more it throws people off. While holding the broom, and doing whatever actions you have chosen, recite this ditty:

"The grapes of Spain are very fine grapes, but the grapes of California are better."

You can put the accent and cadence where ever you want.

The key however is that you MUST say "now it's your turn" as you hand the broom to the next player. Their goal is to recite EXACTLY what you said and then hand the broom to the next player.

Most folks will leave off the "now it's your turn", which means they did not succeed in doing it properly. It really leaves them wondering what they did wrong. The fun comes in watching everyone try to get the broom movements, the accent and cadence of the phrase right, and neglecting to say "now it's your turn".

Try it with a group.


Montucky said...

That's great! I had to chuckle just thinking about it!

Sire said...

Any chance of seeing this on utube? It could be a real hit.

silken said...

oh, sire, what a great idea!

my husband is really hilarious w/ this game. and the funnest part is watching the other folks try to "get it"!!

thanks for stopping by guys! :)