Monday, June 11, 2007

Before the Show

My kids often want to go to the movies. I am not much impressed with many, if any, movies that come out these days. Even though my kids are big, I still like to find out what is going on in the movie before we see it. This way I can determine if the movie is appropriate for our family as entertainment. Much of what is put out today as family friendly entertainment is not entertainment at all.

My favorite site to visit before deciding whether or not to see a movie is . This site really gives a detailed review of what type things are done and said in the movie. You will find not only violent and sexual content listed here, but also profanity, imitative behavior and family topics to talk about. It is the most thorough review site I have found for pre-movie viewing.

Screenit has become a paid site, costing $25 a year. This allows you access to all movies as they are released. However, you can still join for free if you are willing to wait to read the reviews until after the show has already opened. This is the option I use, as we rarely see a movie when it opens. You still get all the same thorough reviews for movies and videos for free.

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