Friday, April 25, 2008

share your family vacation photos

After a family vacation like we just returned from, we love spending an evening together looking through the many photos we took. It is such great fun to relive the things we experienced together. It helps to build the family bonds, and set the memories more concretely in our minds. We also love sharing our photos with family and friends. Last night when we returned from our four day trip to Disney World, we called my parents and nephews to come over and see our pictures. It is so fun to share the trip with family and friends this way.

But for those who are not as close by, it would be such great fun to take a few of our favorite photos from the trip and turn them into Photo Cards. This is another excellent way to spend an evening together as a family, choosing just which shot is the very best to turn into a card to send to friends and family. And what fun to "brag" about our excellent Disney World trip while everyone else was at work and school! We can even add our own caption to the front and/or inside, just to let everyone know what a wonderful trip we had!

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