Friday, April 25, 2008

Downtown Disney

Having just returned from Orlando, I was thinking that if we lived around there, heading out to Downtown Disney occasionally would be a nice way to spend a family night together. Although it can get expensive down there, we found just walking around and taking in the sights to be rather enjoyable. Since we were on vacation, we did opt (no other real choices!) to eat there. We really enjoyed Wolfgang Puck's express cafe. We all had delicious meals which we enjoyed on the patio in the nice weather. We love walking through the toy store, the sports store, the Disney store and of course, the Lego store. There are some pretty amazing Lego sculptures to view while at Downtown Disney.

At the other end is Planet Hollywood. The food is good, but it is NOISY! I had a real headache by the time we finished there. We walked past the candy shop, drooling over the candied apples there. The kids finished off their meal with an ice cream cone. There is also a movie theater and the Cirque de Soliel if you get the chance.

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