Tuesday, April 15, 2008

hunting for wildflowers

My son has been assigned a project in biology class. He has to locate wild flowers indigenous to our state. It has been a long involved process, one that the whole family has become a part of. I know while out and about, I have been on the look out for wildflowers. We have driven to several different places looking for particular flowers. My young nephew is constantly bringing in "wildflowers" for his cousin. In talking with other families who have the same project, it is indeed a family affair! But it has actually turned out to be a rather pleasant family activity after all. We have gone to parks together, taken walks together, even stopped on the side of the road in search of wildflowers. It has been fun for us to even trade flowers with another family ("I'll give you a wine cup for an Indian paintbrush"!) Making school projects into family activities is a way to pull the family together and keep it bonded, even in the midst of a busy school year.

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