Monday, April 30, 2007

Nature Walk

Taking a nature walk as a family is a wonderful outdoor activity. Doing a walk in the evening allows everyone to hike a little easier, as the air is cooler. With the late spring sunlight lasting a little longer, this makes a great family activity.

You may not think you have any hiking or nature trails in your area, but check for local, state and nearby national parks. They usually have some type of hiking or nature trail. If you cannot find a nature trail, try to find a park or some public place you can take a walk. This can be by a stream, or ditch, beach, a path or any other natural surrounding. Just be sure you are not trespassing.

Focus on the natural surroundings around you. Feel the breeze, the temperature differences in the light and shadows, look and listen for animals. Notice the different types of plants.

Nature walks are a geat way for families with children of all ages to spend time together.

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