Monday, April 30, 2007


Families with older children in the teen years or just entering their teen years, may find family night a good time to sit down with these young adults and talk about dating.

If your children have not started dating yet, it is the perfect time to share with your child, and allow your child to share with you, just what the expectations and anticipations are. You can use this time to share your values and desires for your child. Your child can let you in on what s/he is looking forward to in dating.

If your child has already begun dating, it is still good to keep the lines of communication open in this area. One area very important to consider with today's teens is the area of online dating services. Most of us did not grow up with that as a concern. But in today's world, it is a common scene.

Be sure and let your children know what you expect of them and the advantages and disadvantages of meeting potential dates in various places, including internet sites. This could be an important way to share family night with your kids.

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