Sunday, January 29, 2012

On the Sunny Side

The article written by Victor Flowers

Our weather over the last week has been positively dreadful! Although its winter and I fully expect that the sun won’t shine every day this time of year, a whole week of rain and no sunshine has been depressing. Thank goodness for Dish Network! At least I have something to keep me entertained on these days when it is too nasty to go outside or get in the car and go anywhere. Any time I want something to watch, all I have to do is check the channel guide and find something exciting. Lately I’ve been watching the travel channel. They’ve been running a series on exotic sunny locations and boy has it made my days! I figure if I can’t see the sunshine through my windows at least I can see it through my television. Yesterday’s episode was about Jamaica. What I wouldn’t give for a trip there this time of year. Gorgeous sandy beaches, warm blue water, and a full service resort at my disposal is just what this time of year ordered!

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