Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Based on a comment on my last post, I thought I'd mention the game of Nertz as a great family activity. Growing up, my family used to play "Pounce" which is another name for Nertz. It is basically a game of group solitaire. Each player has a stack of thirteen they are trying to get rid of. To the left of this stack are placed four cards face up. These are played on just like solitaire. No one else can play on these stacks. As in solitaire, the Aces go into the middle. These are fair game for everyone. You build the stack up Ace through King of the same suit. The first one to deplete his/her stack of thirteen yells "Nertz" or "Pounce" to end the round. For every card left in your stack, you must have two in the middle to break even. Any above this number is how many points you earn. Check out the Nertz website if you want more information.

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