Saturday, November 17, 2007

prayer walk

Last night my family-my husband and me, our kids, my mom and dad, my middle sister and my two nephews-went on a prayer walk. We have never done this as a family. We started at my parents house and prayed for the neighbors they live by, especially the little girl my nephews play with. Then we began the mile trek to our house. We had a nice walk on a lovely evening. We stopped at some dear friends' house to see if they would come out and pray with us. They were not home, so we stood in their driveway and prayed for their family and all the young families we know.

We continued our walk to our house. Here we prayed for our neighbors and ourselves to be good neighbors. We walked two blocks over to an older couple's house. Here we prayed for the elders of our church. Then we circled back around to another teenager's home. His parents/grandparents came out to pray with us. At this house our prayer was for the teens we know and their struggles. Then we finished our prayer walk by walking back to my parents house.

This is definitely a unique way to be of quiet service to your friends and neighbors and along the way teaching the kids by example.


Manda said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful idea. I have always been encouraged and challenged by what other families do to worship the Lord at home with their families.

silken said...

I think you would love this. We have done prayer walks on mission trips and have done a "progressive prayer" with the teens (I'll have to pass that one on to you too, like prayer walk, only driving) but since we are wanting to be sure we are shining our lights where we live, we thought this was a great idea-thanks to my lovely missionary sister who was in town!

thanks for stopping by! hope to see you around again!