Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas Shopping

I took my nephews shopping so they could get gifts for everyone they needed. First, we sat down and made a list. This was so much easier than I thought. They had ready ideas for everyone. They were so cute-they just KNEW what everyone would LOVE! Some ideas we did go ahead and purchase and others we changed our minds when we looked at things in the store. Some gifts are not very "traditional"-like the deoderant and shaving cream for their teenage cousin. They just knew that GrandMom needed two bags of dark chocolate. And they knew they had seen a movie advertised that their 11 year old female cousin would LOVE-"it has a guy from High School Musical in it and it's about a horse!"
I have to say they had some pretty good ideas!


Manda said...

LOL! Kids are so cute and funny. I have an ornament that my nephew picked out and "bought" for me when he was 4. It is so special to me, and now he is a 9th grader!

silken said...

the boys are pretty funny! but I really loved how they had ideas ready, and they were some really great ideas, for everyone on their shopping list. turned out pretty good.

those gifts are the best aren't they!