Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Teaching Teens About Loans

Teens are on the verge of making numerous life decisions, many of which they've never thought about. One of the best classes I took in High School was a consumer type class-I've forgotten what it was called. It dealt with checking accounts, financial questions, learning to get a loan , and many other real life issues that teens will be facing soon enough.

I don't know if schools teach this kind of thing these days. I do know that one of the homeschool math programs has a book addressing these very things.

The teen years is the perfect time to teach your teens about the day to day things adults must deal with and make decisions about. As you go about your day to day life as a consumer, be sure to talk with your children about what you are doing. If you are paying bills, talk about how you budget, what all the bills are, where you go to pay them, and other practical daily things we may take for granted.

If you are buying a house, buying a car, or getting a loan, these are opportune times to let your kids in on what all is involved. Before you and they know it, they will be facing many of these very same decisions. Having a knowledge base from which to pull when facing these decisions can help them to make better choices in these situations.

If teens can learn early about young people rushing to buy homes , how to compare loans online , and understanding mortgages , they will be so much better prepared to face these things as young adults.

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