Wednesday, May 2, 2007


There are so many important things to share with our kids. It seems as if family nights are a great opportunity to do so. You can talk with them while doing other activites, or you can hold a family meeting designed for specific conversations. Both ways work at times, and both are probably needed at various intervals in your family's life.

One of the biggest concerns many parents have is drugs and drug usage by their children, especially as they near the teen and college years. This can be a big topic to cover, and seems best done so in many small conversations, as well as in a family meeting setting.

The discussion can range from drug usage to drug rehab and everything in between. Sometimes it is important for kids to know that outside help is available if they or their friends get into serious trouble. There are toll free hotlines that are geared to helping folks find solutions.

If you and your family are already in need of drug rehab treatment, some of the best options are the drug free rehab centers. The toll free hotlines can be a great resource.

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