Thursday, March 1, 2007

Trivia Games

One of my favorites growing up, and even today, is trivia games. Not that I am good at it, but it is fun to play, remember, and learn some things as you go. Trivia games can bring just those concepts to family night as well.

There are many trivia games to choose from these days. You can get anything from general knowledge, to TV or movies, to Disney, or even Star Wars.

Trivia games are good for having fun together and learning new things. When including younger children, it is a good idea to have teams, so that the younger ones won't lose just for the fact they have less experience in this world and less time to have learned these things.

One of the best trivia games we have found for playing with all ages in is a new one we got at Christmas. It is the Game of Knowledge , which features certain questions for ages 10-16, while the older folks answer a completely different question. This helps level the playing field, so all have a chance to answer things they know about and have experienced.

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