Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Putt Putt

We took the family to Putt Putt at the kid's request. It is good to accomodate the kids' request when feasible, as it ensures they will have an enjoyable experience. We played a round of golf. We all had a good time putting around. Then we went indoors to the fun house where the kids had a good time sending Mom down a dark hall that has a point that "explodes" when it detects your motion. They said the highlight of the night was Mom letting out a scream! :)

After looking in the funhouse mirrors and at the optical illusions, we cashed in some previously won coupons for game tokens. The kids each bought 20 tokens for $3. We spent the rest of the time watching them play games and win tickets. Afterwards, the tickets were used to "buy" handfuls of candy.

You can check your local Putt Putt for daily specials.

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