Saturday, January 13, 2007

Video Game Night

The main goal of family night is to draw the family together and have them do something together that everyone can enjoy. Of course, with teens in the house, one option that comes up repeatedly is video games. There are many video games that can be played on game systems as well as those online, for those who do not own a game system.

There are many sites that offer online games. Many are oriented to children and/or teens. These could be made into a family video game tournament. Kids would get a kick out of seeing mom and dad play video games (beating mom and dad!), and mom and dad would get a kick out of remembering the good old days when they played early versions of video games.

One thing to be careful of when getting invovled in online games is making sure you do not visit sites that call for fees for joining (unless of course it would be worth it for your family.) But more importantly, there are many sites like this that are gambling sites. They are located outside the US. You can play one on one or even in tournaments. But sites like these do not allow anyone under eighteen to be a member, so it really would defeat the purpose of family night, unless your kids like to watch you play online games.

When choosing video games to play together as a family, it seems most conducive to choose games that span a wide age range and would provide interaction between all family members.

If you find your teen getting involved in online gambling, it might be time to pull the plug on family night video games-especially those found online.

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