Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Family Meetings

Have you got things you'd like to discuss with your family? Family night is a great time to call a family meeting. You can discuss anything from family rules and changes to next week's dinner menu. Family meetings are an especially good time to talk about things that need changing in the family. If you are having difficulties with rules or another person, this is a great opportunity to air those grievances. This is a time when emotions are not running so high and others can help mediate the problem at hand, offering solutions at the same time.

Family meetings are also a great time for the kids to bring up requests for rule changes. It is best if the child has given their idea some thought and approach the situation with calmness and maturity (same goes for parents!) :) This is a good time for parents to give real attention to what the child is requesting, as well as having emotions under control.

Family meetings can be a good time to dole out chores, plan menus and take care of scheduling issues for the upcoming days. These are things that help a family run smoothly but can often get taken care of "on the run". By planning ahead, the family can get a littel relief in the midst of the storm of everyday life.

Family meetings can be a great help to families. Using family night to hold family meetings from time to time can be a true benefit to everyone in the family.

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