Thursday, August 18, 2011

kids room remodeling

With older kids who want to have a say in how their rooms look, or are even asking to remodel their rooms, getting them in on the action and work can be some good family time. Kids love to plan, decorate and see their ideas put into effect.

My daughter is having some grand ideas about a lot of house remodeling (she is signed up for an interior design class so this is practical hands-on experience for her!) including plans for her and her brother's rooms. When looking for the perfect decor for kids and teens rooms, I came across some great ideas. I have long been a fan of kids loft beds because of the room they provide for other great kids furniture like a mirrored console, desk or couch. For those kids who adore every style and color of foot wear, a shoe storage bench could be the ideal piece of furniture.

Whatever plans kids have for designing their rooms, be sure to include them. It could likely make for some fun family memories!

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