Thursday, September 11, 2008

storm prep

Living on the Gulf Coast means being ready when storms hit. Children in such families can be very frightened if they don't understand and are constantly bombarded by the media's take on the impending storm. For such families I think it is important to speak with your children, letting them know that you have a plan to keep them and the family, including their pets, safe. Let them know what the plan is. Then let them help in storm preparations. Younger children can help by doing jobs like clearing the yard of toys and debris; older kids can help board up windows and put valuables in high, safe places. Whether it is packing a back pack with favorite toys and gathering pet supplies in case of evacuation, or whether it is gathering flashlights and batteries and helping to store water and food in case of staying, it is important for children to know they will be safe and helping the family prepare can be a boost for all involved.

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