Monday, August 18, 2008

praparing for a sibling

Other ways that I have found to help prepare a child for a sibling include talking and reading about the upcoming addition of a sibling. Of course a young child has no real concept of what is about to happen, but talking about it and reading stories about it can help to make the adjustments easier. Helping to pick out nursery items, clothes and toys can make big brother/big sister feel included in the process. It is fun to hear his/her ideas for baby names too! Our friends' three year old wanted to name his brother "Sky Train"! Building these bonds in preparation for a new addition to your family can help to strengthen bonds and prepare the older child for the changes ahead.


Suzie said...

Yeah but no matter how much you prepare them its always a shock. More prep is better than less prep though.

silken said...

yep, a shock that they really have no idea about! it's fun getting ready (sometimes!) though! I loved hearing our friends' little one's ideas on baby names! :)