Wednesday, January 23, 2008

in the gym

Most of our family nights as of late have been at high school gyms in the area. Our son is playing basketball for his school, and we have been out to support his team. Right now, he is filled with his passion for hooping. Any free moments he has are dedicated to playing ball. He is always down at the YMCA for a pick up game or two or three...when he is not playing, he is on the internet checking out the latest in college and pro basketball. He loves to watch all the highlight videos he can find on YouTube. But I just learned about another website in which he will likely be very interested.

At Takkle he can learn all he wants to know about the highest rated High School Basketball players in the country. He can check out their stats and yes, watch highlight videos. Takkle is a great way for families far away to keep up on their favorite players. Coaches can use the site to organize schedules for practices. And college coaches can use it for scouting purposes.

I am sure my son will be sharing some of these videos with the rest of the family long before the next family night gathering!

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