Friday, August 3, 2007

Watch the Hummers

I don't know if you have ever been blessed to watch hummingbirds in action. My grandpa has a couple of feeders by his windows and we love to get to sit and watch the antics of the hummers. If your family enjoys this, you might be interested in visiting the Hummer House.

I turned on PBS today to be delighted to learn about Dan Brown's Hummer Haven. Several decades ago, Brown began feeding hummingbirds. Now he has thousands that return each year. They return to the spot in which they were born, which is a main reason for the increased numbers of birds. The Brown's are ranked by Texas Parks and Wildlife as the top hummingbird feeders. The Brown's built the Hummer House for folks to come stay and watch the hummers and other wildlife on the property. Then, a bus tour asked to come and they built the observation room so that many folks can come gander at the hummers without bothering them. One of his regular visitors photographs these hovering birds. The still shots are absolutely amazing.

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