Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Make Your Very Own Digital Slide Show

It may sometimes be tough to get pre-teens and teens excited about family night, but here is a great new opportunity to get your kids excited about your next family night activity.

There is a new website that allows you to create your very own personalized, digital slide show . It allows you to choose pictures that you have downloaded to your PC to create your own slide show. They provide the video player along with the wizard to make it simple to use.

You can even add music to your slide show ! They provide quite an array of music which already has the rights available to use legally on your slide show. You can add music from many different genres and eras. You can choose holiday music, children’s music, Americana, Rock/Pop, and much more. They have songs from the ‘40’s to the ‘80’s.

Once you have your video ready, you can email it to friends and you can embed the finished video into your blog or MySpace!

You and your family must check out fliptrack for you next family night activity. This one the big kids will love!!

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